The Basics Of Rug Care

Keeping your precious heirloom rugs in good health starts with some basics.

Yes, I said good health.

You see constant foot traffic, dirt, crime and the host of indoor and outdoor elements can make your rug look worn, torn and dingy. Here’s a few tips to care for your rugs.

The basics…


  • Vacuum – vacuuming removes the dirt, dry soil and allergens and keep the rug from wearing out.

  • Brush the pile – this removes unwanted pet hair and keeps the rug looking nice and clean.

  • Turn the rugs – that’s right at least twice a year rotate the rug 180 degrees so that it receives even traffic.

  • Shake the rug – if its small enough you can shake the rug, however if its too big you may need to hang over a chair or table and beat the rug to remove built up debris.

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