CUSTOMER CONFIDENCE & BOOST SALES: Would you feel comfortable in a Doctor’s waiting room that has dark soiled traffic paths leading to the examining room? Can you imagine a major financial investment institution allowing potential clients to be greeted by an unattractive person dressed in dirty bib-overalls? Of course not! Then why do so many companies allow their potential clients to enter their establishment by way of soiled and poorly maintained carpeting? Having freshly cleaned carpeting creates a positive impression.

EMPLOYEE MORALE: Logitech Inc. commissioned a study/survey about office cleanliness as reported in a 2005 issue of Spirit Magazine by John Macintyre. His story entitled “Dirty Work” reported that only 6% of employees give their workplace an A grade for cleanliness. 60% of workers state they are more productive when their office place is clean. Clean carpets can boost employee morale and effectiveness.


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HEALTH CONCERNS: Protecting you and your employees from the affects of indoor pollutants, bacteria, pollen, mold spores, smoke and other contaminants can mean less sick days and better overall worker productivity. Research by the EPA and others confirm that powerful extraction cleaning machines using water that is hot enough to kill bacteria and dust mites will remove pollutants and improve indoor air quality. Regular steam cleaning and dry-chemical brush the dirt off the top cleaners can’t accomplish this measure of healthy cleaning.

SAVE MONEY!!!!!: Having clean carpets will save you money!!! You want to preserve the appearance and life of the carpet for as long as possible by having it cleaned on a regular basis. New carpeting costs a fortune, but worse yet, it causes massive disruptions to your office during installation. Treat your carpet properly and it will reward you with years of service.